Unscriptedly: The Untold Story

What is Unscriptedly?

One of my favorite thing about businesses, blogs, and companies is the name that the hold foundation stands on. I’ve been a mini business guru since I was young. With 6-7 different fun names for the work I was doing. From my Voice Artist Companies, to my Teaching Companies, and now to this blog. To me the hardest, but most rewarding part of the whole process was figuring what to call this brain child. I’ve always loved writing, whether it be in my own personal journal growing up, to the plethora of online resources like livejournal and others. And with Unscriptedly I’ve found the platform I’ve wanted for so long.

Why “Unscriptedly”?

I’m notorious about planning my day, almost to the point where I have to schedule some relaxation time. When playing with ideas, I wanted to keep the goal in mind with the name. I want a blog that isn’t just for one type of person. I wanted to build a resource that people could use to learn something new, share great experiences, and network and meet new people. All things that happen often when you don’t script your life.

One of the main things I hope to achieve is to learn to have a little spontaneity. And what better way than to call my blog the one thing I hope to achieve. A life that is truly unscripted.

What got you into blogging? What is the one thing that keeps you motivated as a blogger?

Until Next Time..


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