A Shift in Scenery & Augusta Bucket List!

Picking up and moving is always going to be one of the hardest things I ever put myself through. However, over the years it has gotten significantly less stressful. In the last 2 years I have gone from the east coast to the west coast, to getting lost in the middle of the desert of west Texas. Finally I’m back on the east coast in a more stable environment.

It’s been a stressful few years, but it’s nice to put my feet down and know that soil will be there for a few years. One of the things I’m known to do is get myself too wrapped up in work and other things that keep me too cramped in my own bubble. So when I arrived here in July, I decided to make an “Augusta Bucket List” when I first got here, I labeled all of the things I wanted to do to help me get acclimated to my new city.

Come September 4th I’ll have been here for 2 months and my list is already just about halfway completed. Once I have everything marked off, I’ll get a re-do set up with some more great goals to help me further my goal of not being a hermit.  Here’s what I had when I first moved here:

  • Explore all of the Suburb Areas of my new city [ x ]
  • Find a Korean Restaurant [ x ]
  • Go to a local sporting event [ x ] – Augusta Greenjackets Baseball!
  • Find 2 Restaurants to be a regular at
  • Find an apartment [ x ]
  • Start going back to college [ x ] – AMU Fall Semester!
  • Schedule CLEP / DSST Exams to help offset college costs [ x ]
  • Volunteer
  • Explore Nearby Cities ( Columbia, Atlanta, Savannah, Charleston )
  • Study Languages (Have to keep my job in mind 🙂 )
  • Find a Farmers Market
  • Visit an Orchard
  • Find a Zoo
  • Find a Spa

Have you recently moved? Or are looking to rediscover what makes your city/town/village great? Consider making a location specific bucket list. Because let’s face it. Everyone loves a bucket list.

Happy Bucket Kicking!


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