DragonCon 2015 – Day 1

After a last minute four day weekend announcement I hurried and booked my last minute trip two hours west to Atlanta Georgia for the one and only DragonCon. Now I have to premise this by the fact that I have never been to any sort of convention before. So let’s just say I’ve got some catching up to do!

Here is what we’ve encountered so far:

  • At the door badge purchase

So since we ended up with a last minute “let’s go to DragonCon!” Syndrome so naturally we were worried about same day purchase lines being insane. However we got there at the perfect time today. We arrived around 1:30pm and there was no line whatsoever! Most die hard 4 day pass holders arrive Thursday to pick up their badges and most won’t be able to show up till tomorrow (Saturday Sep 5th) thanks to their 9-5 jobs. So if you are going to pick up your badges do it on Friday around 12pm-1pm.

  • Dealers Room

So if you are a fan of wide open spaces and have a slight fear of being cramped you might want to take a Xanax before you go. But if you have never been to a convention before your mouth will need to be picked up off the floor and someone to push your eyeballs back in their sockets. The room is packed to the brim on two floors with vendors of all sorts of wonderful geekdom. From Buster Swords to Kawaii Toys, and Doctor Who to Vikings. There is a good chance you’ll find some things you want.

  • Today’s Cosplay Finds



So many more great cosplay finds but the festivities are not over yet. On to DragonCon Friday night festivities. 

If you are at DragonCon 2015 comment below! Would love to see your cosplay or Con Selfie!

Happy Cosplay Everyone!


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