UBER: What I’ve learned as an UBER driver

Unscriptedly - Uber

Now I’ve been driving with Uber for a few weeks now. Only part time, as to make some extra money to fulfill my goal of paying off my 14k car within the next 12 months. But I’ve had a some insightful pieces of information I wanted to share with those who have been thinking about it.

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  • Use the Passenger Uber App

This actually is my number one piece of advice for uber drivers. If you utilize the passenger app, you will get a lot of very important information. You will be able to view where the other drivers in your city are located to see whether or not the location you are currently sitting at is overly populated with drivers and not passengers.

  • Don’t drive around waiting for fares

This is a huge tip, if you drive around just waiting for a ping you’ll waste gas and time. What I’ve found that works the best is utilize the last tip, the passenger app to find an area where there aren’t a flood of other drivers but still in a populated area.

  • Don’t always expect to have fares

This is a big one, if you think of uber as a side job or income generator that is perfectly fine. If you depend on this as a full time income it can be disappointing when you have a bad day if you have a household relying on you. I get excited when I get a ping from a rider, so I see it as an opportunity rather than a necessity.

  • Find a network to share information with

I myself am apart of a drivers group in the city that I drive in where I get great daily tips from our moderator, information on events and surges going on in the city, driver meet ups (because hey we like to be social too!) and other great information

  • Keep track of your mileage

This is super important, as with your taxes at the end of the year you can write off mileage you’ve used for uber purposes. This can add up to a significant amount. I personally use an application called Everlance it’s a great tool that notices your drives and allows you to swipe one way for personal driving and the other for business driving! Save some money!

Uber on! And I look forward to seeing some new drivers on the streets. If you have any questions feel free to comment below.


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