2016: The Year of Success

Now, I know it’s cliche to begin thinking about all of the New Year’s Resolutions that I want to accomplish in the upcoming year. However this is going to be one of those cliche posts that will just have to happen.

Many of you have seen post “Augusta Bucket List” and the “30 Before 30” Posts I have made this year. This post will be similar in nature, but with specific short term goals (less than 1 year). 2015 has been a dramatic year for changes for me. I’ve moved 3 times, (military), completed an Associates Degree in a foreign language, dramatically changed my financial thinking with finding Dave Ramsey. Paid off my student loan, and a plethora of other wonderful things.

So, why not keep up the strong momentum and continue.

2016: Goals by Year End

  • Pass at least 6 college courses/CLEPs/Dantes for my BS
  • Obtain my third AA Degree
  • Pay off my 2012 Optima ($7,000 Remaining)
  • Be completely Debt Free by May 2016
  • Restart my Roth IRA & Roth TSP with 15% of my income
  • Test for Promotion
  • Find a more suitable place to live (Townhouse, Single Family Home)
  • Pass my annual Physical Fitness Exam with a 90% or higher
  • Build my Emergency Fund of 3-6 Months of Expenses

I am looking forward to a successful and fulfilling year. And I’d love to help others become DEBT FREE in 2016 & I hope that others can follow suit.

Let the new year be YOUR year!



2 thoughts on “2016: The Year of Success

  1. Hannah Lucio says:

    Dave Ramsey is such a great man for teaching us all about the baby steps. I too had a hard time believing that $1000 was enough in an emergency fund. Its always great to hear and read the stories about getting debt free. It never gets old for me 🙂


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