About Me

Well Hello There!

Welcome to the girl behind the page. My name is Lisa and I’m currently located in Georgia. I am active duty USAF, so my last few years I’ve moved from one side of the country to the other and back!

(FL -> TX -> CA -> TX -> GA)

Lisa - SF 2015

I am originally a New Yorker, Long Island to be exact. However I spent most of my ‘growing up’ in the Sunshine (Hurricane) State so all I have left is my “wattah, and cawfee” accented words, and I’m okay with that.

I joined the Air Force because I have a passion for learning, however my wallet never really agreed with this passion. So, I utilize the opportunities for education while completing my service requirements. I have a pretty varied path with an Associates in Business and an Associates in an uncommon foreign language and soon to have a third in Intelligence Studies. Currently pursuing my bachelors degree in Business and hope to use my military GI Bill for Law School.

I love food.. No really, you probably can’t tell behind my 115lb tiny frame, but I really love food. Exploring new cuisines, learning how to cook, and trying not to burn my apartment down in the process keeps me busy. In addition to food, I keep my time busy with reading and writing as well as my Freelance Voice Acting on the side as well as various volunteering for Animals & other worth-while causes.

AFRP - Lisa 2015

I hope you enjoy the blog that jumps from lifestyle balance, food, culture, life, finances, and school. I look forward to meeting new bloggers and communities to make some friends!


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